South Suburban Jazz Society

"Jazz Born in America Enjoyed World Wide"

Our Story

My story begins at 12 years old my Mom had bought a new Hi Fidelity Record player I belive it was a Grungdig , a state of the art design player exquisite wood finish nice balance. I started looking through their record collection, they were all albums I stopped at a album cover that had a picture of a skyline (of Chicago) that said Ahmad Jamal Live at the Pershing a ballroom in Chicago , my Dad & Mom had been there to see this piano player  Ahmad Jamal earlier, so I took the Record out of the cover Looked at it and placed it on the turntable, I cannot remember which tune I listened to first  could have been 'Poiciana'  or 'But Not For Me', All I knew was I had never heard anything like that , and realized  that  this was the music I wanted to listen  to for the rest of my life. Jazz, this was around 1962 , Motown was blowing up we were learning to bob (Stepping) it was all good but the music I bought was the Jazz albums I knew that the R&B was here today gone tomorrow. They are still playing ''Pociana''  And' But Not for Me' several times per week on Sirius XM radio. At the time I  was not aware of the historical signifigance of the music or how it became less than what it was in popularity.. My intent is to keep it alive , keep telling the story.

An Idea is Born

Chicago has always professed a rich jazz history dating back to the 1920''s
when King Oliver the Jazz visionary migrated here from New Orleans and started playing in the Chicago Brownsville neighborhood clubs. A young lion also a New Orleans native Louis Armstrong followed his mentor Oliver a little while later , and honed his craft before he enjoyed national & international fame as a Jazz innovator 

Louis Armstrong (POPS).